The following procedures are always at Your service:

  • Mesotherapy
  • Peelings and facial care
  • Biorevitalisation
  • Equipment assisted cosmetology ELOS
  • Contour plastics
  • Epilation
  • 3D mesothreads
  • Permanent make-up
  • Plasmolifting
  • Make-up
  • Botox



Indications for mesotherapy

  • wrinkles;
  • withering, loose, “tired” skin;
  • baggy skin, dark circles below eyes;
  • «smokers’ skin», other changes in its colour;
  • Spongy, greasy or dry skin;
  • Acne (outside acute condition);
  • Cicatrical tissues;
  • Pigmented spots;
  • Couperosis, vascular spiders, microcirculation disorder;
  • Changes of face oval as a result of dependent oedema or local stored fat, such as double chin.

Facial care after mesotherapy

Directly after mesotherapy procedure little swelling or redness may appear, sometimes injection marks may be seen. They disappear in several hours.

Usually there is no need in some special care. But patients must observe some restrictions: after mesotherapy. You should’t wash your face or touch it, perform other cosmetic procedures, apply make-up till the next morning.

Further on, if the cosmetologist didn’t recommend You anything special, You may use cosmetics for sensitive skin.

During a week after the procedure You should avoid going to a steam-bath or sauna. Before going out, You should use sunscreeners.

How many procedures are necessary?

The length of mesotherapy course may vary. It depends on cosmetologic problems one has to solve with the help of the method, Your age, skin condition. To restore the face oval, 4-8 sessions are needed, but to remove baggy skin below eyes – from 1 to 4 sessions, performed once in 7-10 days.

The effect achieved after mesotherapy course will remain for several months. Performing “supporting” procedures as well as repeated course is possible.


Effect on the whole organism

Skin is the basic organ synthesizing hyaluronic acid. That is why biorevitalisation of its large area increases the amount of this acid in the whole body. Thus, the need for it is satisfied not only concerning skin, but also other organs, what leads to raising their adaptative resources, rejuvenation of the entire body.

Indications for biorevitalisation

Skin dryness and dehydration, its laxity, caused by ageing changes, as well as by other reasons. There exists no such an effective moisturizer as hyaluronic acid.

Little wrinkles, worsening of any type of skin (dry, greasy) condition caused by damaging effect of ultraviolet, smoking, stress and so on. Appearing of the first signs of ageing is connected with reduction of hyaluronic acid level in the skin. Biorevitalisation is recommended not only for fighting already existing evidences of skin ageing, but also for preventing their appearance.

Traumatized skin, necessity for acceleration of its recovery after laser resurfacing, medium chemical peelings, plastic surgery. Hyaluronic acid is the component necessary for complete cell division, actively taking place during healing. After a trauma, the concentration of this acid in its area increases naturally, adding it from outside accelerates the process and, accordingly, the healing itself.

Ultraviolet irradiation. Biorevitalisation is applied for preparing the skin for ultraviolet irradiation, as well as for fighting its consequences. Hyaluronic acid ensures protection of cells from free radicals, as well as moisturizes the skin, which intensively loses moisture because of the high temperature of environment and ultraviolet irradiation.

Unhealthy skin colour, its faded tone, pigmented spots, dark circles below eyes. Melanin is a skin colouring pigment which also fulfills antioxidative function. That is why skin areas subject to increased oxidation load are prone to excessive pigmentation. Biorevitalisation increases antioxidative defence of hyperpigmented skin area and aids its colour restoration. Quick removal of focal hyperpigmentation can be achieved by using the combination of different methods: medium peeling, biorevitalisation and using melanin formation inhibiting means.

Wide pores and increased oil secretion at greasy, problematic skin. Preparations containing hyaluronic acid in the form of ethers are able to decrease the activity of oil glands.

In solving these problems biorevitalisation can be used for removing already existing imperfections, as well as for prophylactic purposes. But, as a rule, there is no necessity in biorevitalisation till the age of 25.

Contour plastics

Wrinkles… Every woman is forced one day to meet their reflection in the mirror. On dry skin they appear earlier, on greasy skin – later, but no one could escape their appearance. Wrinkles are a natural evidence of ageing. Modern care methods can postpone their appearance, slow down the process, but they cannot prevent it completely.

15 years ago you had to choose: put up with wrinkles or use surgery. But now modern cosmetology has manifold possibilities of their nonsurgical removal at its service.

  • It is quick – the result is seen already after the procedure.
  • It is effective – little wrinkles as well as large ones are removed, even very deep nasolabial folds get smoothed.
  • It is safe – more than 30 millions of people all over the world have tested this method.

How long does the effect last?

After single dosing – from 6 months to 2 years. The length of effect depends on the fillers applied, their composition and concentration as well as from individual characteristics of the organism.

What happens after the gel dissolves?

Wrinkles will appear again. But all the fillers applied not only fill the missing volume smoothing the skin surface. They also stimulate it to synthesize its own components (collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid), the lack of which leads to wrinkle generation. That is why one can claim that contour plastics ensures not only temporary smoothing of wrinkles, but also is a prophylaxis of their progressing.

Is it painful or not?

The things “very painful” for one person can be “quite bearable” for another. All people are different. Of course, an injection is unpleasant for everyone, especially if we talk about face.

That is why cosmetologists do all they can to make wrinkle plastics maximally painless. As a rule, it is enough to apply to the face anesthetic crème (30 – 60 minutes before the procedure). Besides, some of the medications for contour plastics contain anesthetic components. Anesthesia is not required in most of the cases, as pain from anesthetic injection is comparable to the pain from contour plastics itself.

Procedure of the day-off

As during the first days after contour plastics there may remain the “marks of injection cosmetology” (swelling, pointy crusts) and it is important for you to “always be in good shape” at work, you should plan the wrinkle plastics closer to days-off. This is the reason why contour plastics is called “a day-off procedure”.

3D – mesothreads

3D-mesothreads is modern material for non-surgical lifting of face and body skin.

Indications for inserting 3D-mesothreads

  • Frown lines;
  • Complete or partly eyebrow drooping;
  • Expressed nasolabial, melomental or nasolacrimal folds;
  • Wrinkles in the form of “crow’s feet” in eye corners and “purse-string wrinkles” around lips;
  • Wrinkles next to earflaps;
  • Downturning mouth;
  • Skin surface asymmetry of roughness after plastic surgery or liposuction;
  • Face, neck, decollete area skin laxity;
  • Body skin laxity: legs, arms, belly.

Expected results

  • After the procedure on your face you will look 5-6 younger, at reinforcing the biggest part of the face by 3D mesothreads the effect of this procedure will be comparable to the results of surgical facelifting.
  • In 3D mesothread inserting area skin elasticity will increase, it will “lift” – there will appear stable lifting effect.
  • Face contours will become sharper.

Maximum results from the procedure can be expected at performing it to men and women aged 25-40 (when the intensity of own collagen and elastine synthesis in the skin is high enough).

The results achieved remains for 1-2 years. If during this period other procedures aimed at fighting skin ageing (such as biorevitalisation, contour plastics and other) are performed, the effect will be more long-lasting.


Plasmolifting – 21st century “youth elixir”

Youth is in our blood

Imagine that you have the possibility to turn back time and you become younger and more active each day: your skin tightens, acquires former elasticity, your hair become thicker and more shiny, joints aren’t painful anymore, heaviness and pain disappear, all the organism regenerates and you feel lightness and energy. And now imagine that it can happen to you right now and you don’t have to invent a time machine.

The mechanism of health and youth recovery is hidden in our body and it can be started up right now! The secret of rejuvenation is in our blood and is inherent from nature which took care that inside every living organism there would be a renewable source of health.

Magic of blood

Already ancient doctors supposed that blood has some magic characteristics and were almost right. Blood consists of intercellular substance – plasm – and cell elements. Basic elements are erythrocytes, leukocytes and thrombocytes. During blood investigation it became clear that each blood cell is multifunctional and has its task: erythrocytes ensure tissue respiration, leukocytes protect the organism from infections and other damaging effects, but thrombocytes participate in blood coagulation processes.

Also it was defined that thrombocytes have the most important role in the regeneration of damaged tissues, releasing growth factors that regulate and stimulate division, growth and survival of cells. Growth factors are necessary for cell maturation and normal cell cycle. Symbiosis of growth factors is responsible for reconstruction of blood vessels in damaged area, building of new tissue (epithelial, cartilaginous, connective, muscular, neural) and blooding control.


Scientists found out that Botox not only removes wrinkles, but also relieves from migraine.

Pharmacists assure that preparations used in cosmetic medicine for smoothing wrinkles, are able to reduce the sensitivity of nerve terminals “responsible” for headaches by paralyzing muscles.

During clinical trials, preparation injections usually having effect for 4-6 months were administered to temporal, frontal and neck muscles of patients suffering from headache attacks 16 and more days a month.

The word “Botox” is familiar to almost everybody who pays enough attention to his or her appearance, to women and men.

In cosmetology Botox is used for removing expression wrinkles. Exactly expression wrinkles that appear because of motion activity of mimic muscles.

At these muscles tension the skin wrinkles. In the course of time the wrinkles do not smoothen and form expression wrinkles. The most characteristic is their formation in the upper part of the face: on a forehead, between eyebrows, in eye corners.

To smooth the wrinkles of the other origin, there exist other methods: contour plastics, thredlifting with mesothreads, chemical peelings and so on.

When will you see the results?

On average, expression wrinkles relax in 5-7 days. As a rule, maximum effect can be achieved in two weeks.

But there exist variants, determined by individual peculiarities of an organism, when botulinum toxin starts having effect already in two days, but in some cases you need a month to see the results.

There exist people who are insensible to botulinum toxin. Such resistance is rare, less than 1% of people have it. The people who had botulism before or took cure by large Botox doses on medical indications, can have such resistance.

How long will the effect last?

After the first procedure expression wrinkles smoothen for 4-6 months. After that nervomuscular connections blocked by Botox recover, muscle fiber start contracting again, wrinkles also return. That is why, to support constant effect, it is necessary to repeatedly inject Botox in about half a year.

As a rule, after 3-5 sessions the time of effect increases up to 10-12 months.

After the effect of Botox ends, motion activity of mimic muscles is recovered. But during the time when muscles were artificially relaxed, a person grows out of a habit to constantly frown or squint. That is why the wrinkles caused by such habits may not appear again even if you do not inject Botox repeatedly.


You will be able to return to “everyday” life immediately after the procedure (that is why Botox injections are regarded as “lunch break cosmetology”). But after botulinum toxin injection spreads in tissues for several hours. You need more than a day for complete healing after injections. For these processes to pass in optimal regime, it is necessary to observe some restrictions:

  • Do not go to sleep or lie for 3-4 hours;
  • Avoid taking medications affecting blood coagulability, drinking alcohol for 1 day;
  • Do not touch the skin areas were injections have been made for 2 days;
  • Do not bend your head down for a long time, for example, while mopping the floor, for 2 days;
  • Do not go in for sports, fitness for 2 days;
  • Avoid overheating: do not go to steam bath, sauna, do not have tan, do not direct hot air from your hairdryer to your face for 10 days.

At what age is Botox the most effective?

The intensity of the result achieved after Botox injections depends not only on individual peculiarities, but also on age:

  • Up to 25 years – most people do not have indications for using Botox: the skin is elastic enough and expression wrinkles are not a serious problem;
  • 30–40 years – most of the people already have expression wrinkles and can expect maximum effect from Botox injections;
  • 50–60 years – tonus of muscle fibers gets weaker, the results from using Botox are not so defined as it could be at younger age;
  • After 60 years – mimic muscles considerably lose their tonus, their role in wrinkle formation is not great and consequently, the area of Botox application is limited.

Chemical peelings

Doctors noticed a long time ago that careful skin surface ablation triggers intense restoration, regeneration of skin; it looks younger and fresher.

Controlled process of skin surface layer removal is called “peeling”, from English to peel which means to exfoliate, to scrub.

Nowadays there exist many kinds of peeling: mechanic, laser, supersonic, enzymatic. But chemical peeling, based on using acids, with its more than 100-yer history remains one of the most popular.


The results achieved with the help of this method are not limited with “rejuvenation” effect. Chemical peeling is recommended at:

  • Small wrinkles
  • Pigmented spots
  • keratomas
  • rough skin microrelief
  • large-pored skin
  • cicatrical skin
  • stretch marks

Chemicl peelings are used in complex therapy for acne, post-acne, xerodermia (dry skin), ichthyosis.


Depending on the impact depths, chemical peelings may be:

  • surface
  • medial
  • deep

Surface peeling is made with 10-20% acid solution: trichloracetic acid, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, azelaic acid, etc. Its effect is limited by epidermis surface – the depth of skin exfoliation doesn’t exceed 0.06 mm.

Surface peelings improve skin colour, return its smoothness, delicacy and velvetiness. To get a visible effect, a procedure course is needed. There is practically no recovery period – You can apply cosmetics and go to work at once.

Medial peeling is traditionally made with 50% trichloracetic acid (ТСА), 30% salicylic acid or other combined materials. Under their impact epidermis is removed almost completely, to the upper segments of reticular dermis – to the depth of 0.45 mm.

With the help of this kind of peeling one can get rid of surface wrinkles and make medium deep ones less visible, smoothen small scars, remove pigmented spots. Recovery period after the procedure is about one week long.

Deep peeling is made using phenol-based compositions. It allows manipulating up to the middle of reticular dermis (the depth up to 0.6 mm). The procedure helps to smooth evident wrinkles and scars. The area of face skin reduces; its lifting takes place. And this effect (can be compared to surgical face-lifting) remains for 5-7 years. But the injury rate of this method is high.

In winter or in summer?

During several weeks after chemical peeling skin sensitivity to ultraviolet is higher; and the deeper the peeling was, the more important this factor is. As mostly open body areas, such as hands and face, are subject to the procedure, it is necessary to use sun-screeners and plan the peeling when it is cloudy.

Peeling effectiveness and safety

First of all, the cosmetic results after the procedure are influenced by its quantitative and qualitative characteristics: acidity, concentration of chemical substances, technique and number of applications.

Chemical peeling seems an easy procedure only at the first sight. To achieve the desired results and avoid negative consequences, You should consult only the specialists who have sufficient work experience in this field of cosmetology and carefully observe their recommendations conserning pre-peeling preparations as well as treatment after chemical peeling.


This is one of the most modern and, at the same time, the most proven techniques of rejuvenation. With its help you can correct many ageing changes of face and body skin, tone up skin tissues. As a result of ELOS-rejuvenation, natural processes in organism start, metabolic processes get activated.

ELOS-rejuvenation is caused by simultaneous application of two types of exposure – light and electric.

With the help of ELOS-rejuvenation one can smoothen wrinkles, lift the skin, restore face contours and rejuvenate not only face skin, but also body skin. You can also get rid of:

  • Pigmentation
  • Stretch marks
  • Vascular spiders
  • Skin laxity
  • And many other ageing changes.

Wax epilation

Wax epilation, waxing is a sort of epilation, when a creamy wax mass is applied on the treated area with the help of a spatula or a roll and after the mass gets solid, it is removed with hands or with special paper strips together with hair.

It gives temporary cosmetic effect for 3-4 weeks, is performed on any area of the body. Regular waxing makes hair softer and thinner.

The effect can be increased with the help of growth inhibitors (preparations that slow down hair growth). They extend the intervals between procedures.

For delicate areas (pubis, perineum, arm-pits, face) – special hot (chocolate) wax.
For large areas (legs, arms) warm wax in cartridges (chocolate, rose, azulene) is used.
Characteristics: minimal irritation, removal of short coarse hair, maximum comfortability.
For qualitative waxing the length of hair should be not less than 5 mm.

After the procedure there remain point irritation (from 1 hour to a day depending on the sensitivity of the skin), as well as problem wax remnants. Before the procedure it is not recommended to tan and use scrubs to avoid skin injuries. After the procedures it is recommended to avoid visiting steam baths, saunas or tanning salons for two days. You should try to hide the epilated body areas from the sun. If wax epilation is performed in summer, then after the procedure you can use self-tanner.

Permanent make-up

After permanent make-up:


  • You will always be “in good shape” – in a swimming pool, on the beach or in a fitness-centre it will not wash out or spread. Your make-up is ready at the moment you get up from your bed!
  • Ideal make-up lines, drawn by a confident make-up artist’s hand practically cannot be repeated at home with the help of decorative cosmetics.
  • The time that you waste for your daily make-up will become several times shorter.

Application field:

  • Permanent eye (eyelid) make-up – after its application your eyelashes will look thicker, but lines will add your sight the desired expression.
  • Permanent eyebrow make-up will define their shape, add them colour and, if necessary, thickness. Eyebrow correction will become much easier.
  • Permanent lip make-up will highlight their volume, make their contour sharper, but natural colour – deeper.


Wedding make-up.

Every bride wants to be especially beautiful at her wedding. Wedding make-up is one of the most important components of brides’ image. Wedding make-up is something in between evening make-up and daytime make-up. It is the make-up you need to feel like a queen on your special wedding day. Its basic functions are to hold for a long time and look good on photos.

Business make-up.

It is necessary for all status business ladies, high rank officials and simply self-respecting women in their working time. It allows women look respectable in life and on photos.

Daytime make-up.

Its main aim is to conceal defects and emphasize advantages. Not bright, close to natural. Allows a woman look naturally beautiful every day.

Evening make-up.


More bright and saturated. It will make a woman the most attractive at any party.

Photo mke-up.

Such make-up is resistant against flashes of highly-sensitive cameras and is suited for HD-shoots.

Television make-up

Takes into account the specific features of studio lighting and distortion by operator’s camera.

Artistic make-up (with face-art elements).

Is mostly used for theme photo sessions with the aim of intensifying the image. Also it is used by people prone to increased self-expression.

Individual consultations.

We carry out audit of your cosmetics bag, supplement it with necessary cosmetics and learn to correctly use it.

Shopping support.

Competent assistance can replace the opinion of a “best” friend during shopping and helps avoid unnecessary purchase.