The seminars

Seminar on mesothreads

Mesothreads (ligature lifting) is a unique possibility to improve face and body contour. Mesothreads are used to remove wrinkles, nasolabial folds, to tighten the skin and facial contours. Mesothreads are inserted according to certain technology and are completely absorbed by tissues.

Why is it worth trying?

  • It is safe;
  • Minimal time of procedure (30 minutes);
  • The effect remains for two years;
  • Atraumatic technique;
  • A robust “scaffold” from new tissues is formed

3D – «mesothreads» are called so because of unusual properties of an injection needle – “guide” that allows to perform full 3D-modelling of tissues at all depths and in all directions.

Skin-lifting by 3D-mesothreads is not traumatic for a patient. While performing the procedure no incisions are made, but thread insertion points heal very fast and don’t leave any marks. Special anesthetic techniques used in this method allow to avoid infiltration anesthesia “along the thread” and, as a consequence, to exclude great infiltration volume, high risks of reaction to anesthetic and massive hematoma completely.

Seminar on mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is the method of local influence on skin and subcutaneous fat at their different cosmetic changes. Mesotherapy fights such skin aging processes as its withering and wrinkles, vascular spiders and pigmented spots, acne, loss of hair, cellulite, stretches and cicatrical tissues.

The procedures are performed in combination with unique equipment assisted methods. The device creates intense blood microcirculation and as a result mesotherapeutic influence is extremely effective and healthsome. We adopted the method from beauty clinic in Paris, which helps Catherine Deneuve preserve her youth and beauty.

Here are some of cosmetological and aesthetic problems you can easily deal with by choosing mesotherapeutic procedures:

  • overweight;
  • wrinkles;
  • obesity;
  • loss of hair;
  • pigmented spots on your face or body;
  • stretches and striae;
  • vascular spiders and couperosis;
  • need to increase hair growth and its density;
  • acne;
  • cellulite.

Mesotherapy proved its effectiveness in solving different cosmetological problems. It is important to remember that it is a serious medical treatment and correction method, not just the technique of inserting a “magic cocktail”! Mesotherapeutic program requires strict observation of rules, such as: careful diagnostics, history taking, careful selection of products, correct application techniques, recommendation, etc. In combination with professional approach and other aesthetic correction methods it is able to remove the signs of premature aging of face and body, solve aesthetic problems and avoid complications.

Seminar on biorevitalisation

Biorevitalisation is a modern injection method, aimed at removing skin aging changes, achieving its rejuvenation and moisturising, concealing the effects from unfavourable environment. As a rule, as an active substance introduced to organism hyalurone acid – the preparation created on the basis of skin-related component – is used.

Unprecedented break in “beauty injections” – mesolifting and biorevitalisation in one syringe!

Biorevitalisation helps to rejuvenate skin not only of the face, but also of the whole body, including the areas where skin gets old faster of all: decollate, hands, neck, posterior surface of arms. You should think over this procedure if, looking in the mirror, You notice the signs of aging:

  • double chin;
  • wrinkles;
  • deformation of face oval;
  • loss of skin elasticity;
  • skin dryness, dullness and dehydration.

One of the basic benefits of this method is that it helps to rejuvenate Your skin without surgical interference. The results of the procedure are astonishing: the skin gets moisturized, its structure gets restored, simultaneously formation of collagen and elastin is stimulated, what ensures skin elasticity and correct face contour. Your skin gets smooth, face tone is even, small wrinkles disappear, dark circles under eyes lessen, laxity in cheek, neck and decolette area is removed. Injections help to achieve lifting effect on problemtic body areas. You get instant effect of face oval tightening without surgical intervention and bruises.

Seminar on plasmolifting

As the basis of plasmolifting method the restoring effect of blood plasm rich in thrombocytes serves. The plasm is inserted into problem areas with the help of injections and activises the functioning of connecting tissue colony-forming. As a result, biological mechanism of natural skin rejuvenation without surgical intervention is triggered on account of organism own reserves.

Plasmolifting is practically painless, highly effective, but natural anti-age procedure. That is why this procedure can be recommended, first of all, to the ones who started noticing the first aging changes.

Effects achieved with the help of plasmolifting procedure

  • natural rejuvenation by 5-10 years;
  • noticeable skin lifting and improvement of skin condition;
  • hair loss treatment;
  • acne treatment;
  • 3D rejuvenation;
  • Hand skin rejuvenation;
  • Improvement of skin tone, elasticity and tightness;
  • Complete removal of small and medium wrinkles;
  • Accelerated healing and turnover of the skin after medium and deep peelings, laser resurfacing and fractional phototermolysis;
  • “porcelain skin” effect (the skin becomes silky, as a child’s, it shines from the inside).
  • Seminar cost –+ costs of products that will be used during practical training.

Express-seminar on make-up – “Create Your Own Unique Image!”

If you want to learn how:

  • To apply day-time and evening make-up quickly and beautifully;
  • To create an individual image in make-up under the guidance of an experienced make-up artist;

Then the express-seminar is what You need.

Training topics:

  • Face correction taking into consideration individual peculiarities. Make-up technique and recommendations on eye shape correction taking into consideration individual peculiarities of different eye shapes.
  • Professional consultations on choosing Your image and practical training in eye make-up technique under the guidance of n experienced make-up artist.

The training consists of two parts: theory and practice. Training in groups of up to 5 people and individually. The training centre provides all the instruments and materials. After the seminar the participants receive a certificate.

  • Training cost — 30 EUR.

Special offer for specialists having some skills in make-up – one-day introduction course in AIRBASE SPRAY make-up.

It is safe to say that cosmetic brand AIRBASE has conquered the world with its innovation.They offer to apply make-up not the Your ace skin, but, literally, “blow it away”, if one can say so.

Such spray principle is much better than the ordinary one. First of all, if we talk about consealer or powder, it is applied smoothly and is almost invisible. econdly, such make-up looks more natural and lighter. Thirdly, the process itself is easier, though a bit longer, and You can control the thickness of make-up layer not even up to a millimeter, but up to tenth or even hundredth of it.

During this course You will acquire the basic skills of working with aero make-up and will be able to combine AIRBASE technique with classical make-up application technique professionally.

  • Training cost — 30 EUR